Sepehr Saeedpour

Some people call me sepsad.


Hello friend,

I am a research assistant at Crowd Cognition and have gotten my bachelor degree from the University of Tehran in Electrical Engineering. I am broadly interested in understanding and modeling human behavior.

For now, I’m studying how people’s behavior changes in groups. Planning ahead, Pavlovian bias, and perceiving and looking at visual arts are some of the behaviors I study in group settings. Here’s my CV

Outside of work, I like my friends, good writing of almost any kind, good music and films of all genres, mountains, running, (table) tennis, adventurous trips, and quality tea.

selected publications


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    Interindividual differences in Pavlovian influence on learning are consistent
    Sepehr Saeedpour, Mostafa Minadari Hossein, Ophelia Deroy, and 1 more author
    Royal Society Open Science, Sep 2023
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